Thursday, December 8, 2016


Well here we are at 501 Queen where we have performed so many times before. A great audience of full of fun types who seemed to enjoy our Christmas program. I think there were 20 in the audience for this evening performance, but there were 25 SMUGGERS out for the first time ever. Kathleen Wells said we were awesome and that's what we want to hear.Shirley Jorgenson, who coordinates the various entertainment for the home introduced us at 7 o'clock and we never looked back until we finished the program at 8 o'clock. At that time we all sang Happy Birthday to Kelly who will become a bit older in January, but Mom and Dad are going to be in Florida then so we did a very special celebration tonight. Kelly was surprised for sure. Many great comments after the performance from the residents were very well appreciated by us all.
May I say how heart-warming it was for me to have such a great turnout of SMUGGERS for this final event. Only sorry there wasn't adequate room for all to properly participate.Having said thet, the singing was beautiful.....congratulations on a wonderful effort by everyone.

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