Sunday, July 10, 2016


SMUG was honoured this morning by being invited back to Central Queens United Church for the 7th time in as many years to perform for their morning service. In the absence of their regular minister, the Reverend Barbara Wagner, Roland Easter took the service; and indeed was with us in 2010 when we made our first appearance at Central Queens. Roland was warm in his praise for SMUG and one wondered if the very large congregation came to hear Roland or SMUG.......we hope
maybe both?

There was discussion following the service this morning, of past summer picnics held by SMUG, so I thought I should catalog them for your interest:

2015 July 25th Andrews Of Stratford
2014 July 26th Cottage in Stanhope
2013 July 20th Andrews of Stratford
2012 July 16th Cottage in Stanhope
2012 Aug 11 Allison's Back Field
2011 Aug 6 Allison's Back Field
2011 Aug 20 Cottage in Stanhope Entertaining Dianne Sutton from Yesterukes in South Carolina and her daughter Jessica.
2010 July 10 Leah and Barry's
2009 July Lodge, a guess as I don't have it recorded in 2009

This year I am hoping to have you all come to our front yard in Kinlock on Saturday July 30th for a bit of music and some KFC. I will ask some to bring potato salad and a salad or two and Diane and I will provide the KFC and refreshments. This will all depend on the mosquito situation as well as the weather, as there is no way there is room in our little log house for such a number. If weather and mosquitos pose a problem maybe Razzy's can help or perhaps someone may have another suggestion.

As this will no doubt be the last blog for some time I will keep you up to date on the Home Page of the Blog. I am disturbed that some of you did not receive my last note to you regarding the performance today.

In closing this let's all wish the best to Kendal who has gone to Halifax today for possible heart surgery.

Ann Fraser Burke, wonderful on the organ

George reading AMOZ scripture

Lunch thereafter

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