Thursday, June 9, 2016


Here we are back again at "The Mount" for a rousing afternoon of old and very familiar tunes to please those who enjoy so much singing along.We did Marty Robbins, Pat Boone, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (I had help from Kelly on that one) and Burl Ives, to name a few. Charmaine, the activity director, had chairs set up, water jug out, with ice cold water, and hot biscuits laid on for us. A special thanks Charmaine. Many great compliments came along following the performance, and one gentleman wanted to know where the bucket was to put the money in. I told him we didn't need any money, we all had lots! The fill-in photographer didn't get photos of the large crowd, but the dining room was filled and I saw George Olscamp dancing at one point.

Our supporters
Getting ready

Maurice, Darlene and Sandra
Sandra and Ted
Ann and Mary
Smiles all around
Sonja and Jill

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