Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Tomorrow, Feb 17 is our president's very, very special,birthday......some of us had a party with him, tonight.....it went very,very well.....good time had by all....sang and played for almost three hours......thanks for being such a good sport. 57 eh? Some of us maybe know better. It is a very, very, special one....a 3/4 century one.....congratulations to both you and Marie.
Happy Birthday Maurice.....stay well....have fun.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Thanks to Kelly we were able to acquire Sobey's Community Room in Stratford yesterday for a run-thru of our St. Patrick's Program.....a challenge indeed, so much so that more changes have taken place for next week which we all hope will provide better weather to be able to return to our home base. Sobey's was the perfect spot for us yesterday but hardly room if 20 or more had showed up. We didn't take a break yesterday or have snacks as it is against their policy unless we were to purchase from them, which we could arrange for another time.