Thursday, November 26, 2015


Wow! And what a day we had at The Mount in Charlottetown. The Activity Director, Charmaine MacGregor, invited us a couple of months ago to do anothwer performance in the cafeteria. Getting close to Christmas it was thought a bit closer to December with some Christmas flavour might be in order, so, today was the day. When we arrived at 12:30 at the cafeteria, everyone had their lunch and were moving back to their quarters,and eventually we were left with only three eager residents who were looking forward to the stated performance. But by beginning time of 1 p.m. they were returning in droves herded along by Sister Mary who promised it would happen. They sang, they danced, they joked with us and clapped as loud as we have ever heard. It was a wonderful day at The Mount, made even more so by the photography of Elizabeth Moore who took many photos for us and we decided to print them all here for every one to enjoy. Elizabeth is not only a photographer and a bell ringer, she also has a ukulele......maybe next time Elizabeth, but thanks for the great photos. Ann had to leave early and Dennis arrived late, but it all evened out in the end and someone yelled "I hope you will come back" I think we would all love to.

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