Monday, August 10, 2015


This morning at Trinity United Church in Charlottetown, the third annual Seniors' Church Service was held under the direction of the Reverend Dr. John Moses, with Donald Fraser leading the music for the service. The Andrews Strummers, that much sought after ukulele group from Andrews of Stratford, were the special guests and performed before and during the service. Reverend Moses gave a wonderful sermon about the bread of life and how bread has affected our cultures around the world, and how it relates to the life of Jesus and the people he ministered to.We all partook of the bread and wine to close the service. Following communion everyone departed to the gathering room for a light, but tasty lunch of a great variety of gorgeous sandwiches and the seniors' favourite, "SWEETS" and tea and coffee. The Strummers would like to thank the Trinity Pastoral Care committee and Rev. Moses for the invitation once again to participate in this wonderful event.

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