Saturday, January 31, 2015


Well done, Buns and Things
Mary at the ready to slice
Today SMUG celebrated World Ukulele Day, a very special time when all ukulele players should gather and play their ukulele. That we all did and in spite of the snow storm(second one this week) that left about 10 centimeters of snow in our yard, many were able to join us at Razzy's Road House for a fine time of dining with their great fare along with a very special cake prepared for us by our friends at Buns and Things. The party got under way around 10:30 and after coffee and tea Dennis treated us to a glorious sing-song consisting of 10 songs completed by the whole group without the aid of music to follow. This is a first and the idea we are sure will catch on, especially at Christmas when we can go up and down the streets caroling to residents in various locations of our city. We were pleased to have two special guests today who came to help us eat up the cake, Marjorie and Diane......thanks girls. World Ukulele Day is the brainchild of our friend, Ukulele Michael Lynch, whom we all know is from Seattle, Washington. I haven't exactly been able to determine if this is the fourth or fifth, but regardless it's a great idea and excuse for a ukulele party. I think there may also be a National Ukulele Day in May, and I'm sure if there is I will hear about it. Our thanks to the many who made the effort to come and celebrate with was a lot of fun. Our thanks to Celise at Razzy's for the wonderful service, and also to Darin for allowing us to use their facility.
Mary and David Cut the World Ukulele Day Cake

Who made the cake?
Celesse: "May I take your order?"
Love those steaks
Love those steaks
Music with no music?
Dennis prepares to begin the sing-song
"Yes, I have ukuleles for sale"

Diane sits in with the group
Marj,Mary and Diane having a coffee
Good Cake...."you make it David?"


Kendal Back From Florida

First there is Coffee

Diane and Joanne share a story

Gloria and Audrey ready to begin the celebration

Sonja and Brenda an early start

Dennis and Kendal tune up

Bob and Darlene all the way from Stanhope