Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The sun always shines when SMUG goes to Beach Grove. We did our first performance since January there yesterday, and attempted a new format in combining Gospel Music with Hawaiian numbers. In so doing we created a new challenge for ourselves as we attempted many new Hawaiian numbers,as well as some new Gospel selections. The format not only adds to our repertoire, but was well received by those who filled the room as well as the adjacent hallway. We were welcomed and introduced by Jenna LaMantia, the activity director, who told us following the performance how much the packed activity room appreciated having us, with the hope that we might return again sometime. It's always a pleasure to perform at Beach Grove as they sing along and seem to enjoy our presence there. Many welcome comments were heard from some of the residents following the performance. Jenna promised to forward more photos to us in the next few days, so additional pictures could soon be added here. A reminder that all of these photos can be enlarged by double clicking on them.

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