Saturday, April 26, 2014


This morning saw a pancake breakfast being held in the Carl Petersen Hall at the lodge, sponsored by St John's Lodge. Rather than take the morning off some of the group decided to go again to Razzy's Road House, play an hour or so of songs and have lunch at noon. It was great and a nice change from our regular Saturday routine. We took the Yellow Daily book and sang a bit of song, often in a strange key, and often not well known by many, but we had fun along with coffee and tea. We had no bass player today so the editor took up the bass for bit but soon packed it away in favour of quieter and softer music. At noon we all ordered a Pub Steak for $3.99 which is always a big hit. Darlene and Bob arrived around noon and joined us for lunch as they were moving to their new home in Stanhope today. Some of us even made it to the pancake breakfast early this morning and enjoyed the cooking of our friends at St John's Lodge. Both morning events were very well attended and the service at both locations was splendid. Not often a steak is cheaper than pancakes!