Saturday, March 1, 2014

A FOND FAREWELL to our good friend RON TALLON

SMUG gathered at The TOP OF THE PARK restaurant at Red Shores Driving Park yesterday to say a farewell to Ron Tallon. Ron has purchased a home in Mineville, Nova Scotia to where he is moving later this month to be with his only family. He was a faithful member of SMUG since January 2008 when he was one of our founders. There were 27 friends connected to SMUG at the gala yesterday, to enjoy a wonderful lunch and opportunity to spread our goodbyes to Ron. He gave us one of his traditional "talks" where he told us all how much he would miss both the Island as well as SMUG. Ron and his wife Marguerite came to the Island over 25 years ago when he retired from the Ontario Dept of Education system, where he had been teacher, principal and school board executive. Unfortunately Marguerite passed away a little over a year ago which left Ron with his only family then in Nova Scotia.Not only will SMUG miss his presence, but the many Masonic organizations he has been tirelessly involved with on the Island.We all wish him good health and happiness in his new found home.
The sad faces at Ron's last PEI performance(PROBUS VALENTINES LUNCHEON)
The Lodge
Marie helping Ron cut the cake at his birthday celebraion

Photo of the group gathered to honour Ron taken by Martin Caird of Sandpiper Studio and a member of SMUG

Dennis and Kathleen

Carol and Everett

Sonja and Gloria



Leah and our newest SMUGGER...HENRY

Marie, Maurice and Barry

Leah and Jane

Ron talking to Hazel

Martin, Leah and Henry

Gloria,Audrey, Norma and Mary

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