Saturday, January 25, 2014


And there we were, all 22 of us In The Great Big Circle and playing songs from our Great Big Songbook that we started to put together early in 2008. We don't have many opportunities to sing from the old book anymore as we always seem to be rehearsing for a gig somewhere, but for the next several weeks we are going to do the "Circle" thing and make use of the Regular Songbook and the two Ukulele Daily books we have. It was disappointing this morning that our expected guest, HENRY, didn't make it, but we will look forward to meeting him sometime soon.

The Group from the West
The Group from the East
One Part
Another Part
And some more
The Last Part

Ray and Ralph

Sonja, Elizabeth and Dennis

Chef Bobby produces the good stuff

Our Two Past Grand Masters

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sunday, January 19th and the long awaited PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SERVICE AT ST MARK'S. The group was well rehearsed and flawless as we performed the attached program put together by Rev. Paula Hamilton and Ron Tallon.We were accompanied on the piano by the Church's Organist, Jacqueline Sorensen Young. Both the congregation and the clergy were more than welcoming to us as we ploughed through a fairly involved program. Unfortunately this will be the last appearance of Ron Tallon with SMUG, as Ron takes off to live in Nova Scotia the middle of March. How fitting though, that we should perform at his beloved church on his final appearance. Ron was one of the charter members of SMUG when we really began in the spring of 2008.  Rev. Tom suggested that we might return to St. Mark's down the road if Ron would agree to come along and join us. Let's hope that will happen. It was great to see so many old friends in this congregation as well.

My personal apologies to both of the clergy for taking photos from behind, but that is where I was sitting and it couldn't be helped, unless we take along a professional photographer with us! Rev. Tom spoke very warmly about SMUG, and Ron, on this our second appearance at St Mark's. When he was explaining the SATURDAY MORNING UKULELE GROUP (SMUG) to the congregation I couldn't help but think we might consider SUNDAY MORNING UKULELE GROUP as we have done so many Sunday morning services this past year. Thanks to everyone for their great effort. It's great when you get it right!~

Troupe facing West
A Little Bit Of The Old Soft Shoe....A BLACK ONE AND A BROWN ONE

Almost the whole troupe
Rev. Paula tells the Children's Story
Rev. Paula Hamilton delivering the message
Franklin Sanderson and Allison
Rev. Dr. Tom Hamilton
Darlene, Leah and Errol
Ralph,Maurice, Jane and Vera
Darlene Bobby and Allison
Ralph and Vera