Saturday, December 21, 2013


Saturday, December 21,2013, and SMUG invaded Razzy's Road House to sing Christmas Songs and Carols. We had 22 Smuggers out for the event, along with Errol and Harley as special guests. A later note from Everett indicated he and Carol were just getting ploughed out about when we were ready to order our lunch. Mostly it was steak around the table with the odd beer showing up rather than the traditional wine . The staff at Razzy's were wonderful, first bringing tea and coffee when we arrived at 10 a.m. It was a delightful morning, full of Christmas mood, and good to see so many turn out. Sonja brought along two guests to listen to the music, but we were sorry to have to say goodbye to Julien, as he and Soo Lee are heading back to Australia right after Christmas. It has been a real pleasure having Julien with us for the past few months. I'm surte Soo Lee would have become a Smugger soon if they were staying on PEI.

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