Thursday, September 26, 2013


The monthly Andrews Birthdays were celebrated today with singing, much dancing and great Birthday Cakes and Cookies. Happy Birthday was sung to the four celebrants; Hilda, Sybil, Elsie and Margaret. We also discovered that Doug and Rosemary Hill are celebrating their 63rd Anniversary today, so Sharon led us all in a rousing rendition of Happy Anniversary which was a first for SMUG. Rosemary is a new resident in Andrews and we hope to see more of her in the activities that take place daily. The full house was most appreciative of SMUG and the program we brought to them today. As Andrews now has a large group of Andrews' Strummers, SMUG doesn't have that many opportunities to perform in that lovely setting. It's great to have Sharon join us when we are there too, and to see so many familiar faces that we all have come to know over the many years of taking part in some of these celebrations. Karen saw to it that SMUG were well supplied with treats and drinks.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Barry welcoming our new friends, Bob and Joan

This morning we were privileged to have Bob and Joan Barrett join our rehearsal. They come from Montpelier, Vermont, where they are members of the Montpelier Ukulele Players, and Bob is the director and founder of the group. Coming together in 2010 after Bob and Joan had seen the film, "The Mighty Uke", Bob felt it was time to bring a group together in Montpelier to play on a regular basis. They have performed in all sorts of venues in the area and this summer took a group of 19 to Nashua NH for the first Ukulele Picnic on August 27th. They estimated 300 to 400 turned out to enjoy the program which ended up with maybe 100 ukulele players on the stage playing "This Land IS Your Land" Bob and Joan have been vacationing here in a cottage close to Souris for the past week and enjoying our good weather. Joan said it was a little cool in the mornings, but great fun for all. We sincerely hope Bob and Joan might return at some time in the future, or some of us may well venture in their direction. We were badly down in numbers this morning which found us a bit rusty, but we all had fun singing, playing and meeting our new-found friends.

Joan and Bob  chatting with Ron
Allright, back to work
Yes, those were good muffins, Jane
Kitchen bosses
Gloria, Joanne and empty can!

Jane and Kendal discuss the muffins