Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Morning "IN THE CIRCLE"

Every Saturday morning since the Christmas break we have met "In The Circle" at the lodge for a go at various pieces from one of our song books. Some of the selections are older and in our "regular songbook", which we have put together since our inception in 2008 and some are newer from Jim Beloff's ukulele books, the leap year edition being the most recent. Everyone gets a chance to pick the songs and we get to try a lot of new pieces that way. The usual coffee break is always very popular around 10;30 and we then return for the second half of the morning from a different book. As we have no gigs booked in the near future we can afford the time away from practicing, which for many of us is a pleasant change, and also an opportunity to set an easier pace when members are away during winter months. Anyone wishing to sit in during these relaxing mornings is most welcome.
Ann,Dennis and Maurice
Ron,Joanne and Jane
Dianne and Audrey
Hazel looking for her selection Beloff #1
Norma back again
Leah cleaning up after her Gorgeous Lunch