Saturday, December 22, 2012


What a wonderful morning SMUG had as we made a visit to Harley and Anna Ings and sang a booklet of Christmas selections together. Harley has not been able to attend SMUG for quite a while and the group wanted to recognize HARLEY AND ANNA at Christmas. We landed at their home in the pouring rain at 10:30, sang for almost an hour then all departed for Razzy's Road House for a $ 3.99 steak . It was in my college days that I last had a $3.99 STEAK IN A PUB....delicious. What a great way to end a great year,2012 HARLEY has had several operations in the past year or so,and unable to attend SMUG but was so glad to have us come and to again sing along with us the many Christmas selections that he has enjoyed with SMUG as well as other choirs he has been involved with in the past. THE ABOVE PHOTOS WERE ALL TAKEN AT RAZZY'S, WHILE THOSE BELOW WERE TAKEN AT HARLEY AND ANNA'S HOME ON BRACKLEY POINT ROAD. THIS IS HARLEY OUR GRACIOUS HOST FOR THE MORNING. ANNA CAN BE SEEN SINGING ALONG AS WELL IN THE OPENING VIDEO.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Yesterday SMUG had their 5th annual Christmas party complete with a great jam session from our new "blue book". We played many familiar selections that just rolled off the group as we went from page to page and year to year so that we now look to many future and similar sessions! When the pizza arrived the photographer was so overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the SMUGGERS he forgot to take pictures of the great party time and hopes he will be forgiven. The "BIG PICTURE" turned out pretty good. Next Saturday we have a very special day planned again and look forward to publishing with many photos of the special day it will be.
The pizza has arrived

Waiting for the pizza
Norma and Hazel compare notes

Friday, December 14, 2012


SMUG's last performance of 2012 took place at the Garden Nursing Home last night. We have made many trips to the Garden Home over the years and a large turnout of jubilant residents are always present to sing along and clap and clap during our performances.Leah's mother and my aunt(the same person) is always there as well and enjoys seeing her daughter perform. Sorry I couldn't add captions to some of these photos, but I haven't learned how to do it and not mess up the format. You all probably know that the photos will enlarge if you click twice on them. This is SMUG's Christmas program at Andrews of Stratford, which for some of us is our second ukulele home, as we are there every week with the ANDREWS STRUMMERS enjoying a weekly jam. Sharon plays with us and turns on the Andrew's hospitality every time we are there. By that I mean the weekly coffee, muffins and cookies...we love it! This is at the Sunday night Benefit Concert for our friend, Nancy Rackham, who has had a very serious stroke. Nancy is a musician who plays with the Just For Fun Band and teaches piano, as well as being a church organist and involved with so many musical endeavors on the Island. The Benefit was held at St. John's Anglican Church in Milton and played to a full church as everyone was entertained by many local groups.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Barry Ziegler
Tonight, December 6, 2012, is the third night this week we have participated in Christmas music for some of the great people of Charlottetown. Here we were at 501 Queen Street , a Seniors' Residence for many of Charlottetown's older citizens. Grace MacIntosh, the director of music we will call her,has invited SMUG many times in the past 5 years to perform for the wonderful and enthusiastic group that live there. Tonight we performed well and were indeed appreciated by those who were in attendance. It's Wednesday morning at Andrews of Stratford and THE NANAS AND THE PAPAS from Whisperwood Villa are visiting THE ANDREWS STRUMMERS for the first time . Here the two ukulele groups are being led by THE NANAS and THE PAPAS conductor, Leah Ziegler. HERE our very talented RETROFRETS performing at Andrews of Charlottetown, a community care facility, with some Christmas music for many of the residents that attended on Tuesday night.The Retrofrets have a busy month planned as well. This was at the First Baptist Church in Charlottetown, where we performed during a Christmas turkey supper held annually for the Charlottetown folks who are less privileged than others. It is always a well attended event put on by the Church and for the past three years SMUG has been invited to provide some Christmas flavour to the evening.