Friday, November 30, 2012


The 2012 SMUG Christmas season began yesterday at the Dr. John M. Gillis Memorial Lodge in Belfast, as a large number of Smuggers turned up for 45 minutes of a rousing and stimulating extravaganza of Christmas ballads and carols. Everyone was extremely pleased to have our hostess, Lynda Sharpe, play the piano with us which gives SMUG a new and sparkling sound. Lynda is organist and choir director at St. Andrew's United Church in Vernon Bridge.It was because of her kind invitation that we played at The Home yesterday. Following the performance, the staff provided a great lunch for us which gave us opportunity to chat with some of them as well as the many residents who were most encouraging in inviting us for a speedy return to the Lodge. One resident even helped us out by taking some photos. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Last evening SMUG performed a short program at the Milton Community Center for the ladies at the Grand Master of Masons Ladies' Night. We were hosted by the Grand Master's wife, Linda Coles, and joined in SMUG for the evening by his daughter, Diane. Before our allotted time was up we had the pleasure of hearing the ladies sing and many play ukuleles as well. A real fun time seemed to be had by both SMUG and the ladies.Unfortunately no photos were taken Pastor Dennis nursing his broken foot in a wheel chair.Forgot to get a picture of the foot! Ah.....there is the foot