Thursday, August 2, 2012


ANDREW'S STRUMMERS put on a "Real Big Show" today as Andrews of Stratford held their annual outdoor barbecue and family picnic. Wonderful food compiled by chef Terry and served by the staff of Andrews.The STRUMMERS sand and played two sets, one before the meal was served and one following which had the visitors singing clapping and rolicking in their seat. Just We`Two (Ann and Molly) did several numbers also in the dining room while dinner was being served in there.  Sorry I missed getting all the photos I should have as well as some names of those who participated.  Rain was threatening during the barbecue and eventually a few drops drove most inside. But still a lot of fun had by all who visited and all who participated. The members of SMUG who direct and support th ANDREWS STRUMMERS were out in full support of the event.

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