Saturday, April 14, 2012


I was so proud of the group this morning I just had to do a short blog of our practice in the beautiful chapel at Andrews of Stratford . With many Smuggers still away on a winter vacation(when it's really spring here!), we had a small turn out of only 15, but well filled the little chapel with wonderful gospel music, accompanied by our Leah Brown on double bass. What a revelation that was to our gospel music. Having a gospel program coming up in another week we really needed a get-together,and it was the perfect location. Sharon Woods-Bryenton, the activity director at Andrews, allowed us to use the chapel and even supplied coffee for the morning break, not to mention joining us with her ukulele for the morning practice. During the break also, we walked down to the activity room to hear the "Definately Not The Symphony" group playing a rousing selection I did not know the name of, and a couple of their group came later in the morning to visit SMUG.After break we had a go at "Little Grass Shack" and began after a few attempts to get our tongues around the many Hawaiian words.....just a splendid morning and a good time had by all. After all this, SMUG has had to agree to play at Andrews for Father's Day and the group was more than happy to do so. Thanks for a great morning Sharon....perhaps pass it on to those in the office and kitchen as well.
Next week back to the Lodge room, pancake breakfast or not.....see you there.

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