Saturday, March 31, 2012


With only a handful of Smuggers available today, SMUG were able to pull off a wonderful program that was enjoyed by our friends and relatives at The Garden Nursing Home. Thanks to those who were able to make the gig, as it was a Saturday that many Smuggers from our orchestra seemed to be on the road somewhere. The group did their whole Spring Program under the capable direction of Hazel, who was responsible for getting the best out of such a small number of ukulele players for over an hour. The photographer was otherwise occupied today and forgot to take some shots until the program had finished. Today was SMUG's eighth appearance at the Garden Home since our inception in 2008, and always a pleasure to play to these very appreciative residents and staff who always turn out prepared for a great time. It was nice to have a chat with so many too, after the performance, while we munched on treats supplied to us by the home. There always seems to be a new familiar face or two at these nursing homes, and they love to join us and say "hello" and tell us they are so glad we came, and please come again. We will be happy to for sure.

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