Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Nanas and The Papas Spring Recital

Leah directing the Nanas and the Papas.

After a long winter of practicing on their new ukuleles, the Mamas and The Papas of Whisperwood Villa performed their closing season recital before a packed house with standing room only. The newest Charlottetown ukulele group, attired in appropriate white shirts and colorful scarves, performed a dozen or more songs which were well rehearsed and under the capable direction of Leah Ziegler, assisted by renowned bass player Darlene Acorn.Both Darlene and Leah are original members of the SMUG Ukulele Orchestra out of Charlottetown PEI, and along with several others from SMUG have been instrumental in teaching and organizing various new ukulele groups in and around the City.

The Activity director of Whisperwood Villa, Peggy Zielinsky, spoke before the program began about the LEAP program which they have participated in for the past two years, and which made the ukulele orchestra possible at Whisperwood Villa. The expressions on the smiling faces of the ukulele artists spoke volumes about their pleasure and satisfaction with their new-found activity. The group is assisted by Peggy and her assistant, Kerry Trenholm, who are both playing ukuleles in the ukulele orchestra and fully expect the orchestra to continue for years to come.At the moment they only have one Papa, but the director is certain that will change soon. The afternoon performance culminated with beautifully prepared trays of hors d'oeuvres prepared by the skilled kitchen staff of the Villa.

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