Saturday, March 24, 2012


SMUG performed today at the long awaited Seniors'Day Special at the Hunter River Lions'Club Hall. After contact with Jean MacRae of the Hunter River Club a couple of months ago, the date kept changing until March 24th was finally decided upon. The hall was beginning to fill up as SMUG began their performance at 10:30 and by 10:45 every seat was taken. At the half time Jean MacRae, the hostess for the day, introduced Brendon Campbell who kept the audience spellbound with his wonderful stories and narrations. SMUG finished their program by noon followed by a gorgeous lunch of soups, Chili and sweets supplied by the Lions' Club.
Today was one of our best programs and best performances....something that seems to go hand in hand with Lions' Clubs!It seemed that everyone was happy and a good time was had by all. I had several inquires about playing the ukulele and I feel sure our presence has probably stimulated more ukulele adoration.I'm sure others had ukulele inquiries as well. When chatting with an old college buddy who was there, I noticed he was showing some interest in the ukulele. His wife said he used to play the violin and should take up the ukulele....I agreed!Maybe he will too.

Campbell gets the program underway.

Campbell Directs SMUG in excellent program

Watching from the stage

Our hostess and emcee for the day Jean MacRae

Jean Introduces Brendon Campbell

Brendon Campbell does great narrations and tells wonderful stories

Great hospitality by the Lions' Club

The food table starting to look empty

Smuggers enjoy a noon lunch

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