Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deck The Halls At The Garden Home

For the second time in two weeks SMUG has been invited to The Garden Home; this time to offer some Christmas renditions on another Sunday afternoon in December. We were told by the chap who introduced us that we had been invited back by "popular demand" as the residents so much enjoyed our Summer Program two weeks ago. We gave them the whole hour of our Christmas program today and they loved it. Cookies and ginger ale came next and we had a full complement of SMUGGERS on deck for the performance and enjoyed having Ann Campbell join us for her first concert not taking place at Andrews of Stratford. "Please come back soon" were the departing words from many as we took our leave.We were pleased to have Martin, our professional photographer, video the whole performance. We hope that Martin might provide us with an opportunity to view it soon; possibly the Christmas party might be opportune.

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