Sunday, September 18, 2011


SMUG was back in full swing yesterday with the return of Hazel and Norma after a long absense during the summer months, as well as a new ukulele player, Maud Anschutz, who joined in with SMUG for the morning jam. Allison and Hazel shared in the directing chores for the morning and as usual coffee time was enjoyed by all with great sweets and snacks from Jane.

The highlight of the morning was a visit from a well-known journalist, Anne Thurlow, who writes for the BUZZ magazine and asked if she could come and do an article for the BUZZ about SMUG and the ukulele. Pictured above is Dennis enlightening Anne on some of the finer points about playing the ukulele. Dennis and Allison are beginning courses in ukulele playing at the STRATFORD COMMUNITY SCHOOL starting this Wednesday night, Sept 21, at 7:pm.

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