Sunday, August 7, 2011


The circle got larger and larger as JustForFunners and Smuggers arrived for Allison and Linda's second annual Back 80 Summer Barbecue and Bonfire Party. The bonfire was blazing at 6 o'clock as we began to arrive and was still blazing away when some of us left around 9. We haven't heard as of this morning what time the jamming and partying broke up.Steve Rackham was once again the guest chef an again outdid himself with barbecued watermelon, asparagus, and bruschetta, not to mention the traditional hot dogs and innovative mussels. All of that was topped with cake and ice cream supplied by Maurice and Marie in a special pre-celebration of their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. The evening was wisely started earlier this year so the jammers could still see the music for a while as they serenaded one another with wonderful love songs. Our thanks to Linda and Allison and their friends and family for making such a wonderful evening.....and can Allison ever call the weather!

It was a mini-celebration for Maurice and Marie as we helped celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary which will take place officially on Aug 18th. Congratulations Marie and Maurice.

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