Sunday, May 22, 2011


On Friday, SMUG joined forces with the ANDREWS STRUMMERS of Stratford and did an hour program where SMUG did a short program, followed by a great and uplifting set by ANDREWS STRUMMERS of STRATFORD. It was the second performance by the STRUMMERS when an apprearance by SMUG was made, only this time the Andrews group joined in with the SMUG songs and great participation during the whole show. Sharon took some wonderful photos as she always does, and it was great to have Ann Campbell as a part of the STRUMMERS. Ann is a volunteer at Andrews who plays the ukulele and everyone is so pleased to have her a big part of the STRUMMERS great effort.She joins Kendal Godkin, Dennis Wells and Darlene Acorn on Wednesday mornings as we all get together with the enthusiastic group from Andrews. Our hope that it will continue and that others might join this very illustrious and satisfied group of ukulele players. We were all so pleased to see and meet some of Joan Armstrong's family, who arrived on a flight to Charlottetown minutes before the performance began. We even had Joan's daughter join the group for several ukulele songs.What a thrill for Joan I'm sure.

Below are just some of the photos that Sharon was able to take on Friday, but because she was a part of the Andrews group, she was not able to make her usual panorama of those attending the performance, who as always, were so enthusiastic in their participation during the afternoon. The performance finished off with great tea and cookies as always, and supplied from the wonderful kitchen of Andrews.

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  1. What a wonderful big group of ukulele players! You will be asked to play at the PROMS if you keep this up.


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