Sunday, March 27, 2011


A really SMUG weekend indeed. We did two performances and a jam on Saturday, getting ready for a month off in April, but back in full flight in May. Below are some photos and a bit of dialog about the good times we enjoyed playing for some very appreciative people,

We had a pretty busy weekend with a performance at LaPage Court in Hunter River, a regular Saturday morning Jam at the lodge on Saturday and a performance at 501 Queen Street tonight. Fingers are getting in good shape and we're starting to get the Spring Program down not too bad(If the director would only get his act together!)We must have been in their favour though, as they invited us back in May.Tonight was Denise Motard's birthday and her first performance with SMUG. I know she was pleased to have her first performance under her belt, especially on her __ birthday! We missed Harley tonight as we understand he went back to the hospital for a minor procedure which will see him back with us soon. Get well Harley, we miss you.

SMUG had been invited some time ago to perform in April at the LePage Court in Hunter River, but with our growing numbers, lack of enough room at the Court and so many going to be away in April we finally settled on a Friday in March at the common room at the Central Queens United Church next to LaPage Court. We were glad we went because Lois Lajeunesse, the organizer, and her friends provided a most warm atmosphere along with the best lunch we have had for some time. We always remark about our friends the YesterUkes in Laurens, South Carolina, in that everywhere they play they are treated to a great lunch or a sit down meal even. We had a wonderful afternoon highlighted by the appearance of Tim Waite, a local student on March break who provided those assembled with three great ukulele tunes on his own ukulele. Congratulations, Tim, keep up the good work.

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