Friday, December 10, 2010


SMUG played their final Christmas Concert of the season yesterday at Corrigan Home. The small community-care facility in the heart of Sherwood had asked several months ago if we would come and play for them, and we chose our Christmas program to do so. We discovered only a dining room available that would be large enough to accommodate SMUG and an audience, and only with the tables removed. However when we arrived there yesterday with 14 Smuggers, we soon discovered that "Small is Good", and we had a warm welcome by director Terry Howatt and her staff, along with most of the home's residents. As we went through our program there were many enthusiastic ladies and gentlemen who sang along and appreciated our effort with fine applause. Everyone agreed that a return to Corrigan Home would be in the making soon. One of the residents was kind enough to let us use her room adjacent to the dining room to put away our coats, cases and all of the necessary junk we seem to travel with.Very kind and warm words from many of the staff and residents who attended left everyone there with the warm feeling of Christmas.

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