Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday, Andrews of Stratford held the annual Christmas party for the residents and their families, where all had a rare opportunity to hear and see Andrews Strummers in action. Accompanied by Andrews choir, under the direction of Betty Folland, and with Shirley Beck on piano, the choir rendered twelve Christmas songs to the delight of those attending.Solos were performed by Jean and Chuck MacKeen ,as well as Sterling Squarebriggs. We were also privileged to hear Chelsea Sanderson sing "O Holy Night" as well as perform an Irish Jig to "Christmas in Killarney". Edward Herring gave a trumpet solo " Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and the concert wound up with four great renditions by The Andrews Strummers.

Of course the highlite of the party was a brief visit from Santa Claus who brought along gifts for everyone. We were then treated with a welcome lunch of sandwiches and sweets from the kitchen of Andrews. The attendance at the Christmas Party grows each year as Activity director, Sharon Woods-Bryenton, continues to make life interesting for those who live at Andrews.

The Strummers have been playing together now for two months and it is amazing how much great music they can provide and add to the enjoyment of living at Andrews. We are privileged to have members of SMUG, Dennis Wells, Kendal Godkin, Darlene Acorn and Leah Ziegler on our teaching staff, who meet every week with the Andrews Strummers and jam in the activity room for about an hour. The ukulele is the easiest instrument in the world to play, as well as the most fun. Andrews Strummers are
a testimony to that fact. We have had as many as 12 residents out to jams over the past fall months.Ukuleles are being supplied by Andrews and Dennis Wells, but several of the Strummers have purchased their own personal ukulele. All residents are encouraged to turn up for the weekly jam on Wednesday mornings at 10:30.





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