Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is what we have to put up with when we are trying to be serious and practice for our Christmas performances. They arrived at our coffee time, "Rippen Ray", "Mello Maurice"," Voluptious Vera" and "Ready Ralph" ready to join the ghosts and goblins on the morrow....the very idea,and I hear others were supposed to arrive as well but over slept.It's no secret that was probably "Articulated Al"as he has been keeping late hours.(The editor had some much more discriptive adjuctives, but felt they may not look so good in print!) All of those who preferred Auction Sales in Summerside are well behind in the Christmas program, but never mind, they have time to catch up.For your information , the Christmas Program is now etched on paper for 2010.
Happy Halloween everybody.....we love you all and it's all about the good times. The next Smugulele will be more serious, but the Christmas party is booked for December 18th.......any new ideas?

Rippen Ray, Mellow Maurice, Voluptious Vera and Ready Ralph
The Instigator Mello Maurice(Isn't this something to Behold?)

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