Sunday, August 1, 2010


And for sure the Little Light Shone as we performed our last appearance of the summer at Park Royal United Church in Charlottetown. SMUG performed 10 numbers before, during, and after the service, which was highlighted by Suzanne Campbell,( yes, a relation....our daughter)singing "THE HOLY CITY" accompanied in the choruses by SMUG. Suzanne said she was delighted to be asked to sing with SMUG, and SMUG was delighted to have her. Suzanne was brought up in Park Royal Church and has sung many solos there over the past 15 years, but she told her dad "This was special!"(That's the way I remember it) She had never seen SMUG perform before and her dad had never heard her sing The Holy City, a favourite of her grandfather Campbell, a tenor in many of the Summerside choirs when he was alive. Suzanne has a bachelor of music education from Dalhousie University and a master of music in vocal performance from The Boston Conservatory. She teaches voice in Charlottetown privately. The congregation seemed to enjoy singing along with SMUG as we played some well known spirituals before the service.The service was conducted by Barbara Cairns, student minister, and organist Leslie Hiscott.


  1. I had no doubt it would go well. :-)

  2. What a thrill for both Dad and Daughter to sing and play in their church service. Know it was a thrill for both.


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