Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tonight, Allison and Linda invited Just For Fun and SMUG to their back 80 acres to enjoy a bonfire, roast marshmallows, eat a ton of mussels, barbecued asparagus, Bruschetta, and Marie's special Soiree cake with Ice cream. When Diane and I left around midnight(well, it seemed like midnight) the guitars and ukuleles were winding up for several more hours of fast-paced songs for campfires; which brought back many fond memories for many of us there. It's been years since most of us have partaken of singing around a campfire, and a great idea from the long and thoughtful head of Allison. All of our thanks too, to Steve Rackham and John Hooper, the excellent chefs for the evening.(How good does it get!)Marie says it will happen again next year with Allison's 2nd Annual Music Soiree. First class, Allison and Linda...our thanks.

Allison testing the fire

Maurice explaining to Allison how to peel a wiener

Joanne and Harley

Steve Rackham preparing the feast

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  1. SMUG is just having way too much fun! What a great night.


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