Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. John's Church in Milton

Smug performed today at St. John's Anglican Church in Milton, PEI. In the mind of this writer, it was our finest effort yet. With 15 Smuggers turning out to perform 10 selections, it proved once again that practice makes (almost) perfect. Smug was under the capable direction of Allison Coles, and The Reverend Evelyn Knorr performed the service. Her kind words towards Smug in her remarks, once again, made us feel just that way. She also added that we would be welcome to return again.
Unfortunately this performance was to be the last for Rob and Heidi Litke who are getting ready to perform at the Ukulele Ceilidh in Liverpool in late October after which they will be returning to Denver for the winter. We have enjoyed having them with us for the past month and hope next summer when they return to the Island they will join with us again. Smug's next performance will be the Potentate's Visit on October 10th, 2009.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Beginnings

Smug was privileged today to have two visitors, who we hope will become regular members, at least for the spring,summer and fall seasons.They were Heidi and Ron Litke, summer residents on PEI from Denver, Colorado. Heidi plays a wonderful ukulele(s) and Rob a wonderful bass, which was a first for Smug, and gave the group a rich sound that suggested a bass has been needed for some time. Heidi and Rob treated Smug to a couple of duets after morning coffee and Joanne's coffee cake. The Smugulele that followed took a different turn with some impromptu jamming, which included the trying out of Heidi's Beansprout Banjo ukulele, and enriched with Rob's bass playing. Heidi is a partner in the Beansprout Company along with Aaron Keim. She has also directed the Denver Ukulele Orchestra for two years. Heidi and Rob have been regular attenders at the International Ukulele Ceilidh in Liverpool,Nova Scotia, since its inception and are looking forward to a return in October, having made many friends at the Ceilidh over the years.Heidi tracked down several members of Smug through the Ceilidh committee earlier this week. They are both Canadians from Ontario and discovered PEI during a summer golf excursion.Rob and Heidi moved to Denver in 1986 after completing their education where Heidi first worked as a Forest Ranger. Members of Smug who attended this morning's Smugulele were delighted to have them join in the fun and look forward to having them become members when on the Island. Smug are presently preparing for a performance at St. John's Anglican Church in Milton on Sept 20th.