Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smug in Stanhope

The second annual Smugulele and barbecue took place today at the Campbell summer home in Stanhope, PEI. 14 Smuggers turned up and made the comment which was quoted at last weeks Smugulele, "Feed them and They Will Come", a true one for sure. The host promised more than one hamburger for each this year, and was true to his word. Barbecued hamburgers were supplemented by Salads Ziegler, and Pop and Chips Acorn, along with Deviled Eggs Steeves, and there were some molasses cookies there for coffee time as well. Barry did the barbecuing and Leah and Darlene(and Bob) did the work, which left nothing for David to do.(Smart Guy!) Vera had cut her finger during onion cutting, but it turned out not to need a band-aid after all.

Ron and David kept the singing going and Allison again graced the group with his handsome bass playing, until almost noon, when there was a call from the front room for food, so we had to stop and get cracking, er, cooking. It was a great Smugulele and comments were made about how much better we are sounding and keeping in time as well.The temperature in the cottage was 35 degrees when we left(that's 95 degrees F for our American friends), but too many mosquitos to sit outside so close to the trees.

We had received a DVD and a CD from Dianne Sutton, leader of YesterUkes from Laurens, South Carolina, just yesterday and everyone was anxious to hear another ukulele band. Dianne and many of the YesterUkes have written to us and passed along encouragement. They have proven to be very popular in their area with sometimes two or three performances weekly throughout the year. We all send them our good health wishes and a happy strumming. We're not sure where they get the energy to perform so often, but the CD and DVD are wonderful and as professional as they have become.

Everyone who could make it enjoyed the singing, playing and eating,and we realize we are still having fun in spite of the odd pressure that creeps in every so often.The kitchen was clean and we wrapped up at 1 p.m.

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