Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Friends Everywhere

Back in early April, Smug met up with a group of ukulele players from South Carolina on the internet (where else?).They are the YesterUkes, and have a very busy schedule of playing at many locations all around the State on an almost weekly basis. Since that time we have corresponded with several of the group and their leader, who has been very helpful to us and provided new songs and ideas as we get our feet wet at this ukulele thing. Many very positive comments and words of encouragement have come our way and we are most appreciative. When Smug first began it was our intention to have weekly jams and a bit of fellowship, but a couple of invitations to perform for others has given us a appetite to do more of this sort of thing. This is where YesterUkes have been so helpful and we thank them all for their support. No, we didn't copy the colour of their sweaters, it happened by accident!


A month ago, through the Internet again, we met up with another group in Dundas, Ontario, String Along. We find the leaders of the group, Norm and Elayne Ruplens, are retired school teachers who have taught ukulele in schools in their area for many years, and since retiring have continued to do so, as well as do weekly jams with a local group. Last week at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, they had a jam which was well attended. You will note in the photo, many of the players are playing Ohana ukuleles; Norm and Elayne are the Canadian dealers. Having ordered a new uke from them is how we got together and I find they have plans to attend the Ceilidh in Liverpool with many of us, and bring some of their group along as well.We look forward to getting to meet them and hopefully get a chance to see and play some Ohanas.

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