Friday, June 29, 2018


Once again SMUG was honoured to play at Andrews of Stratford for their Canada Day Celebrations. Complete with cake and ice cream the group sang their hearts out for about an hour in a completely new program that presented all new songs for the audience. We did a couple from The Platters, two from The Seekers and three of Willie Nelson's favorites. Rita MacNeil's " Working man" was a great hit as was Oscar Peterson's "Hymn to Freedom". We did Bobby Gimby's "CANADA" , The Coca Cola Song and finished up with "Memories of Old Prince of Wales" which found about fifteen present who had attended PWC. O Canada wound up the program which seemed to be well received. Our thanks to Sharon for her hospitality, as always.

Senator Catherine Callbeck wishing the residents well

Monday, June 18, 2018


Ralph was one of the original members of SMUG, left for a short time and returned later in early 2009 along with his wife Vera, both who became loyal attenders rarely missing a Saturday morning jam or a gig anywhere. Sadly Ralph passed away on May 24, 2018, at the age of 85. Ralph always had a good word for everyone in the group, loved to sing, and did it well. SMUG attended his funeral in a body at Belvedere Funeral Home on Monday May 28. Our condolences to Vera and all of their families.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Fresh from the Royal Matrimonial Magic at Windsor Castle, Audrey and Gloria arrived early this morning with their head feathers still in tact. A grand morning to be up early to see the Pomp and Pageantry.

Good fun again as we even found the coffee pot still worked, and some ginger snaps mystically appeared. My thanks to Kelly for her great effort....we're getting better and will soon have the program down and ready for Canada Day.
Have a good week.....hoping a tad warmer too,


Sunday, May 6, 2018


Internationally known Ukulele Artist Manitoba Hal Brolund from, most recently, Shelburn Nova Scotia, gave a BLUES UKULELE WORKSHOP today at The Vessel in Downtown Charlottetown. About 30 enthusiastic ukulele players from the Queens County area were in attendance to participate in the Blues Workshop and listen to Hal strumming and picking some great BLUES. The event was brought about by Guy Sonier, a long time friend of Hal who recently moved to PEI from British Columbia. Guy represents Cloud Music and sells ukuleles, many which were on display at the workshop today. Also displaying was Heidi Litke of Red Sands Ukuleles, who builds ukuleles, as well as Adam Johnston who is the luthier who runs AMJ Guitars in Oyster Bed and also is building some beautiful ukuleles. Following the workshop Hal drew a ballot for a Heidi Litke Red Sands CD which was won by Almut Lecours, and finally the grand prize, a beautiful ukulele donated by Guy's Cloud Music which was won by Aiden Galloway.(Shown above with Guy Sonier and Manitoba Hal).

Sunday, April 29, 2018


President Maurice's wife, Marie, retired from her long time duties at Atlantic Superstore on Thursday. She was paid a visit by Mary Weeks and Ann Campbell and presented with retirement gifts as shown above. Marie has worked at Superstore for many years, I think since Maurice and Marie moved from Nova Scotia to Charlottetown about 12 or so years ago, and her many customers I'm sure wished her well on her last day at work. Congratulations Marie, now you can enjoy retirement too.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Today SMUG was invited to Andrews of Stratford to participate in the monthly birthday party for four beautiful ladies, Loie Stevenson, Rosemary Young, Anna Fraser and Phyllis Dobson. Nearly the whole house was there and of course our Photographer, Activity Director, and Hostess, Sharon laid on the best as always. SMUG performed elegantly and so good to have Kendal back in our midst. Cookies and cake were the order of the day following the performance and everyone got together and devoured Terry's usual fabulous cookies. A great day by any standards.

                                 THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS
Loie Stevenson
Rosemary Young
Phyllis Dobson
Anna Fraser