Saturday, December 13, 2014


Lynda playing piano with SMUG
SMUG made a third journey to The Dr. John Gillis Memorial Lodge today for a fine performance by 20 SMUGGERS. We were excited to have Lynda Sharpe join us again on the piano, a great thrill for us as we don't often have the opportunity to have such a skilled pianist play along with us. Doug MacKenzie, the Administrator, welcomed us at 10 a.m. and served us all a great lunch following the one hour performance of upbeat Christmas Songs and Carols. The residents were warm and supportive and sang along with us on many songs. One lady told us that we made her Christmas; guess that's some of what makes ours as well!
Doug MacKenzie welcoming SMUG
My neighbour of 40 years, Pat Johnston

Friday, December 5, 2014


Lots of photos taken today as we had the expertise of Sharon Woods-Bryenton both as a singer and photographer.Sharon is the activity director at Andrews of Stratford and an often performer with SMUG, as well as WineSing and The Retrofrets. We all had a wonderful afternoon of Christmas songs with complete audience participation. SMUG were in good form after their supper/dinner on Sunday evening at First Baptist.

Monday, December 1, 2014


The Reverend Annette Wells (Daughter of Dennis and Kathleen Wells) as she asks the blessing,  welcomes the guests to the turkey supper as well as thanking SMUG for our participation.
SMUG enjoyed playing for the Annual Community Christmas Turkey Dinner at First Baptist Church last night. It was our 5th appearance at this splendid Christmas Gala and pleasing to those participating as well as the many who put the feast together every year. As the entertainment for the evening we were also treated to the wonderful meal, complete with dessert for almost everyone! Obviously we have been doing something right as so many of both the participants and volunteers are very complimentary towards our very humble group. Over 200 guests were fed as well as 23 SMUGGERS and probably as many First Baptist volunteers. It was a glorious and heart warming evening. First Baptist may have to renovate the stage though, if we were privileged to return another year......we may also have to bring our own chairs.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


A few shots of SMUG's first Christmas Program of the 2014 season. Always good to sing Christmas Music to the residents of our nursing homes. The Activity room was filled with Christmas cheer as we all sang for an hour, the many familiar songs and carols that are a part of Christmas. We were introduced at 1:30 by Jenna LaMantia and the constant singing by the residents as well as appreciated applause indicated their enthusiasm.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Retrofrets in CONCERT
DOUBLE CLICKING ON THE PHOTOS ENLARGES THE PICTURE About a month ago, Worshipful Master Michael Learie of St. John's Lodge contacted me to ask if SMUG would be willing to participate as entertainment at a widows' luncheon he was planning. I suggested that 25 SMUGGERS might be a bit large for the venue and maybe our gospel group, WineSing, might be more appropriate. He agreed and in issuing the invitation I found that their two sopranos and bass player would be out of town. So I contacted our much younger group, The Retrofrets, who were more than willing to be a part of this elegant day that was being planned. They also suggested it might be good if the WineSingers that were available would join them. And so it came to pass, and it happened yesterday in a very warm and well planned event at Holland College Centre for Applied Science & Technology. The Retrofrets arrived at 3 p.m. and did a 15-20 minute presentation that seemend to be enjoyed by all present,and which ended in a very welcome standing ovation. ___________________________________________________________________ During the program prior to our arrival, the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Paul Montgomery had an opportunity to visit with the widows, an annual custom that St John's made a change in this year to make a more social event for all. The Grand Master and Wor.Bro Learie also made presentations to Most Wor. Bro. Harley Ings,PGM, a 50 year pin and certificate, and Wor.Bro.(h) Lorne Keizer with a 60 year pin and certificate. Brother Ings is a long-time member of SMUG and it was great to see him out and on the go again.
___________________________________________________________________ Our thanks to the Grand Master for offering to be our personal photographer during our presentation, and to Mrs. Learie for presenting us with bags of special treats for our after dinner enjoyment. And last, but certainly not least, to Brother Learie for coming up with this special event and inviting the Retrofrets to participate.....we had fun.
Wor.Bro(h) Lorne Keizer and Past Grand Master David Mosher displaying Brother Keizers 60 year certificate

Bro.Mark  Crowther, VWB Douglas Morton, MWB Kendal Godkin

Worshipful Master Learie presenting 60 year pin to Worshipful Brother Zeizer

Most Worshipful Grand Master Montgomery presenting certificate to Wor.Bro.Keizer

Entertainment The Retrofrets

Most Worshipful Brother Ings receives 50 year Certificate from The Grand Master

Brother Charlie Carr congratulates MWB Ings