Saturday, January 6, 2018


It all happened this morning as 33 Smuggers turned out to celebrate 10 years in the ukulele industry. Joan and Judy looked after the cake, and it was agreed by all it was super and tasted like home-made. Joanne looked after her stuff in the kitchen as always and coffee and tea came along with the cake when it happened. Everyone began the morning by sitting in the circle and we sang songs for almost an hour before the cake arrived, then Allison, Maurice, Leah and David did the honours before the cake was finally served. After the break we returned for more rousing selections finishing up with O Canada at 11:30. A great and simple morning but one to be remembered.

One thing I forgot to mention this morning was that Michael Lynch, who started World Ukulele Day each February 2nd passed away on Wednesday. He will be missed by the many who enjoyed his teaching over so many years. Some of you will remember when we cut the World Ukulele Cake on Feb 2,2015 at Razzy's. I sent a video and photos off to him at the time which he published on his web page.

The Cutting Of The Cake( four oldtimers)



  1. So glad you honored this special day! Ten years is quite an accomplishment.

  2. Great folks, good tunes, fun time & delicious cake. Happy anniversary SMUG! Happy to be a part of this funtastic group. Cheers to everyone !

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