Saturday, July 25, 2015


As SMUG will wind down for the summer months, we,as always, finish up with our annual summer picnic and SMUGULELE. Since the Campbells have sold their cottage it was not possible to have it once again "at the shore", but due to the kindness of Sharon, the activity director at Andrews of Stratford we were able to have it there and inside as well. It has been very cool on PEI lately so we decided early in the morning the activity room would be our best bet.We sang songs for an hour and a half, then Diane brought the pizza and with lemonade and cookies supplied for us by Andrews, we finished our glorious feast with a birthday cake for the director....a great and pleasant surprise. The highlight of the day was having Andrews Strummers play along with us. An opportunity for the Strummers to play some different songs taken from our SMUG songbook. With 30 voices bellowing out some very old and familiar songs, the activity room was very much in evidence this morning. . Thanks to the Strummers for being with us and to Sharon for giving up her Saturday to be with us and hostess for our big event.

Last week the Lieutenant-Governor of PEI, the Honourable Frank Lewis made his first visit to Andrews of Stratford pn the occasion of Andrew's Annual Strawberry Social.. He was just returning from a fishing expedition in Newfoundland and came directly from the airport. His Honour gave a wonderful salutation on his arrival and spent time with each resident of Andrews. Let's hope this will not be his last visit during his tenure.

You will find two videos of the picnic further down the line, and as always the photos can be enlarged by double clicking!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


With a much needed rain outdoors, SMUG performed well at St. Andrews United Church in Vernon Bridge. A pretty large crowd for a summer congregation enjoyed a morning of prayer, scripture and much, much song. Veda Storey favoured us with her flute for four numbers, accompanied by the church organist, Lynda Sharpe. Then Richard MacRae sang a beautiful solo "Every Day Is A Gift From The Lord", accompanied by both Veda and Lynda. SMUG sang or participated in 13 songs, our largest program in a church service ever. The director was well poo-ed when it was over but all in the church seemed happy with the different morning set upon them. It once again gave SMUG an opportunity to have Lynda play along with us, or vice versa.....she is a wonder on the keyboard and compliments our music well. Thanks to those who were able to be with us this morning. I know some traveled great distances to be in attendance today. St Andrews is at present without a permanent minister, but the position will be filled in September. Our thanks to the congregation for making us feel welcome, and to Lynda for her hard work in getting us prepared!!!!!.

Veda and Lynda prepare for the service

Veda Storey and Lynda Sharpe (Beautiful)
After  the service
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Lynda at practise on Saturday

Sunday, July 12, 2015


SMUG returned to Central Queens United Church this morning for our 6th appearance at the Church in the summer months since 2010. Reverend Barbara Wagner conducted the service which was exceptionally well attended for the summertime months. SMUG began the morning with 5 numbers then moved into the service with two anthems and finishing following the Benediction with our familiar AMEN/This Little Light Of Mine.Many great comments came our way following the service and one member of the congregation asked if he was able to join SMUG. A long time guitar player many of us have known for years, he was told to purchase a good ukulele and come along when we begin meeting again in the fall.
Marjorie preparing to light the Christ Candle
The Whole Gang
Organist Anne Fraser Burke
Rev. Barbara Wagner welcoming the congregation

George Mason reads the Scriptures 

Anne Playing a prelude

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Kendal's Niece, Jeanine, from Australia,enjoying the gathering
Happy Canada Day everyone. Yesterday SMUG helped the residents of Beach Grove Home celebrate their CANADA DAY, and they filled the large activity room with smiles and song. We were small in number as with summer upon us many are busy doing other things, but with great enthusiasm we filled the home with lively music amid wonderful applause was received for our efforts. We missed Joan yesterday as she was to have an operation in Saint John on Monday or Tuesday.If you get this blog Joan, we all wish you well and hope before too long you will be back with us. Our biggest thrill of the day was to have Ron drop in to the home and join us for about a half an hour. Great to have him back and to take the time to drop by. He has so many friends on PEI but still found time to sing with us and for the residents. We couldn't get him to bring in his the ukulele but gave us a CD that he had just completed in Toronto last week. Our thanks to Jenna and staff at Beach Grove Home for making us feel so welcome. Jenna if you might have any photos I would be glad to place them in this blog. ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE.
Ron joined in with the singing....Welcome back Ron!