Saturday, March 21, 2015


Jillian Dunphy drops the puck, with  Past President, Nobel Nelson Hurry and President, Nobel David Bell
Last Friday evening, March 13th, the members of The Island Shrine Club were privileged to participate in a hockey game at the Eastlink Arena in Charlottetown between the Charlottetown Islanders and The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. The Shriners had the opportunity to sell tickets on the annual Philae FEZEROO for 2015 as well as the hockey pucks for the "PUCK TOSS" which takes place between the 2nd and 3rd period. The evening was arranged by Nobel Florian Bryan who went all out to make this evening a joyous one for both Shriners and the very large crowd gathered for the game. The highlight for many of us in the club was the honour of being able to be the guest singers of "O Canada" prior to the game. Nobel President of the club, David Bell, assisted Jillian Dunphy, a very regular attender in her wheelchair to drop the puck prior to the game. Nobel Nelson Hurry drove the Chrysler truck around the ice between periods which gave a great boost to ticket sales. It was a wonderful evening of club camaraderie seeing a good turnout of Nobels to participate in the festivities. Nobel Florian treated us all to pizza in a private room following the game and we all went home happy following the game. Sad to say the Islanders came out the losers of the game.
The members of THE ISLAND SHRINE CLUB singing`` O CANADA``

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Kendal explaining the refinements of the ukulele to Joan(we think it's Joan)
We were fortunate indeed to sneak in two hours at Razzy's for a little bit of the Irish music to add some form of celebration to the upcoming Saint Patrick's Day on Tuesday. No green beer today. Thanks to the kindness of manager Darin, we got an hour of Irish tunes in  as well as a delightful meal which we all look forward to at Razzy's . Today Darin had a breakfast meeting at 8 a.m.and another at 1 p.m., so we crammed a lot in, in an hour and a half, and were well looked after by our hostess, Deane. Darin is waiting for his ukulele to arrive and plans to sit in the next time we are there. Great to have Linda Coles with us this morning; we hope she will be able to join us more often in the future, It was  also good to have Martin back again after a long absence. Although he left his greens at home, Dennis led the sing- song of rollicking Irish tunes and a few traditional ones as well from our new song sheet. It was a surprisingly good turnout for the beginning of March break......just shows us we all enjoy Razzy's hospitality and good food .DOUBLE RIGHT- CLICK TO ENLARGE THE PHOTOS
Deane, our wonderful hostess for the morning

Director Dennis and Audrey

Leah,  and Linda. Allison with his new Cuban Ukulele ($5000)(approx.)

Welcome back Martin

South Wall

North Wall

Joanne in Green!

Martin and Mary

Serious folk

Nice looking steak,Joanne

Ralph, you can't eat all that

Filling up in the dark