Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful Morning at Beach Grove Home

Beautiful Prince Edward Island Morning out our front window

This morning SMUG again had the privilege of playing a new fall program for the residents of Beach Grove Home in Charlottetown. We performed an hour show of the oldies along with some gospel selections all under the capable direction of Hazel,  filling in for the director who played the bass due to the absense of the groups usual bassists . It wasn't long before Hazel had everyone singing and some even dancing(it's true) as we sped through the program and kept the residents all happily singing until we reached the final pieces. As we finished the program we had requests to sing  "Till We Meet Again" and that all-time favourite piece "Amazing Grace". Hazel played the piano and we all sang along.

It was very noticible since our last performance at Beach Grove, the lack of many familiar faces, but one familiar face, that of Andy Northcott, was in evidence as he welcomed many of us to "His" home.


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