Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Dinner MMM...MMM...GOOD


SMUG were invited back for the second year in a row to provide some Christmas music entertainment for the First Baptist Church's Christmas dinner for the locals who live around the church area. They arrived at 5:50 Sunday afternoon and were treated to Christmas turkey dinner with large helpings and all the trimmings to set it off. We had a large turn-out and finding the stage pretty tight with SMUGGERS, chairs and music stands. The highlight was the generous meal served to all of the Smuggers, complete with strawberries and ice cream. It's not often we get an opportunity to play for our supper, but it's kind of nice and we offer our thanks to the people of First Baptist and to Bob and Darlene for having us invited back. It was a hard venue to take photos, but a few are attached.

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