Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small but Mighty at Whisperwood

Early Christmas Gift for the director.

SMUG did a rousing and mighty performance at Whisperwood Villa in Charlottetown yesterday afternoon. It was our first visit to Whisperwood and we all hope we will be invited to return. The residents turned out in full force, clapped and sang along with everything we played, plus we had some of them playing the ukulele before the afternoon was over. This was a real highlight as we know Leah and Darlene are planning to teach a ukulele group there after Christmas and this was surely great advertisement for the January challenge. There were once again familiar faces in the gathering at Whisperwood and many of us had an opportunity to chat with many of the residents.We had been introduced after our customary "Smug Ukulele Band" by Kerry Trenholm, the assistant activity director, and Peggy Zielinski, the activity director was gracious in her thanks to us for being there for the first time. One of the other highlights, for me at least, was the "apple for the teacher" given to me by Joanne. A photo appears at the beginning of this blog!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

St.John's Anglican Church.....MILTON

SMUG played two anthems and several selections for this morning's service at beautiful St. John's Anglican Church in Milton PEI. The Rev. Kenneth Williams opened the service explaining that it was a day for the Anglican Women to conduct the service and five very lovely ladies did just that, with Allison Coles conducting SMUG. The service which saw many familiar faces in the congregation including all of the ladies who conducted the morning program. (I'm having trouble naming all of these ladies for certain, so better let it go at that!)

The Rev. Kenneth Williams welcomes the congregation


Darlene Prepares Her Music

Practice at the church on Saturday