Saturday, December 18, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL a Happy 2011.........

SMUG held the third annual Christmas Bash this morning at the Masonic Lodge with 20 out of 21 Smuggers assembled for a two hour jam of Christmas songs and carols,interspersed of course, with coffee and cookies. After very appropriate words by Ron and a major presentation to the director,( see card below about David's Ukes) a draw was held for a SMUG licence plate; which found the lucky recipient happened to be our own Pastor Dennis Wells. Pastor Wells seemed pleased, and the director was certainly pleased with the kindness of the group.

The special highlight of the morning was the return of our dear friend,and tenor extraordinaire, as well as long time Smugger, Harley Ings, back after a lengthy illness. We are so pleased to have you back Harley and look forward to starting new programs including you for 2011.

The traditional meal of Greco Pizza arrived around 11:30 and with some added liquid refreshments we devoured pizza and chocolates before noon and were on our way, finishing up a year with double the presentations of 2009. We are also happy to have added four new Smuggers to our group, and hope more will join us in the coming year.

Hazel welcomes Harley back to SMUG

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  1. Love the SMUG coffee cup. Looks like a smashing party to end the year. And a license plate,too??? Great ending to a wonderful year for the SMUG.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year of music!


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