Thursday, August 26, 2010


The ANDREWS STRATFORD STRUMMERS had their debut today, at the monthly birthday and anniversary party for the residents. The Strummers excelled themselves as they provided beautiful music to their fellow residents in a collection of three heart-warming songs appropriate for the birthday celebrations of Helena, Dot, Chuck and George, along with anniversary good wishes for Mabel and Hoagie and Marion and Ken.

After opening remarks from activity director, Sharon, Cynthia Dunsford, local MLA for Stratford, brought greetings and congratulations to those being honoured. SMUG then performed several songs before making way for The ANDREWS STRATFORD STRUMMERS to do their stuff. The afternoon finished up with cake and refreshment fresh from Andrews' kitchen served by Sharon, Karen and Ann. A wonderful day was had by all.


Andrews Strummers debut Aug 26,2010

Overenthusiastic director

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tonight, Allison and Linda invited Just For Fun and SMUG to their back 80 acres to enjoy a bonfire, roast marshmallows, eat a ton of mussels, barbecued asparagus, Bruschetta, and Marie's special Soiree cake with Ice cream. When Diane and I left around midnight(well, it seemed like midnight) the guitars and ukuleles were winding up for several more hours of fast-paced songs for campfires; which brought back many fond memories for many of us there. It's been years since most of us have partaken of singing around a campfire, and a great idea from the long and thoughtful head of Allison. All of our thanks too, to Steve Rackham and John Hooper, the excellent chefs for the evening.(How good does it get!)Marie says it will happen again next year with Allison's 2nd Annual Music Soiree. First class, Allison and Linda...our thanks.

Allison testing the fire

Maurice explaining to Allison how to peel a wiener

Joanne and Harley

Steve Rackham preparing the feast

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday SMUG was invited to Errol and Evelyn Monkley's lovely summer home, with a gorgeous view, in Donaldson for the weekly smugulele and coffee time. Twelve of us played on the deck for an hour until it got too hot, then we broke for coffee, tea and delicious biscuits and cookies, with all the trimmings, compliments of our hosts, Errol and Evelyn. After "snack and coffee time" we adjourned to the shade in the garden and spent another hour or so learning some new pieces for our repertoire.

Allison and Errol

JoAnn and Norma

Darlene and Bobbie

Harley, Ron and Kendal

Ralph and Vera

Sunday, August 1, 2010


And for sure the Little Light Shone as we performed our last appearance of the summer at Park Royal United Church in Charlottetown. SMUG performed 10 numbers before, during, and after the service, which was highlighted by Suzanne Campbell,( yes, a relation....our daughter)singing "THE HOLY CITY" accompanied in the choruses by SMUG. Suzanne said she was delighted to be asked to sing with SMUG, and SMUG was delighted to have her. Suzanne was brought up in Park Royal Church and has sung many solos there over the past 15 years, but she told her dad "This was special!"(That's the way I remember it) She had never seen SMUG perform before and her dad had never heard her sing The Holy City, a favourite of her grandfather Campbell, a tenor in many of the Summerside choirs when he was alive. Suzanne has a bachelor of music education from Dalhousie University and a master of music in vocal performance from The Boston Conservatory. She teaches voice in Charlottetown privately. The congregation seemed to enjoy singing along with SMUG as we played some well known spirituals before the service.The service was conducted by Barbara Cairns, student minister, and organist Leslie Hiscott.