Friday, April 30, 2010


It goes without saying, without the ukulele there would be no Smug Ukulele Band, or simply SMUG as we are now called. Back in the mid 70's Chalmers Doane,the innovative head of the music department for the Halifax city schools, introduced an ukulele program in those schools. Sometime thereafter, I think 1976, Mr. Doane brought a touring group of ukulele players to Charlottetown to participate in the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade. They had been featured on the CBC morning broadcast the morning of the parade and appeared on a float during the parade the same morning. When I saw the group playing I couldn't believe this wonderful fun sound was actually coming from these little toy guitars, nor could it have been the same music I had heard that morning on radio......but it was, and it blew me away. So much so, that a trip to Toombs Music Store that afternoon found me going home with an ukulele and a book to spend the weekend learning how to play chords(My wife and family were at Girl Guide Camp for the weekend).Since that time there has always been a ukulele hanging on the wall, in the boat, in the trunk of the car or at the cottage.Yes, I had several of these wonderful little instruments which I have learned are much more than a toy, and a joy to own and play anytime, anywhere. Anyone can learn to play an ukulele.


  1. Isn't it always wonderful to get lovely compliments on the uke programs? Makes all that practice worthwhile. You do get some very interesting gigs and I enjoy your writeups on the blogs, David.


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