Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smug makes first Nursing Home Appearance

Today saw Smug perform along with the Park Royal United Church Breakfast Club Singers at the Prince Edward Home In Charlottetown. It was their first appearance to an audience other than Masons or Shriners and the accolades handed out were humbling to say the least. The Park Royal Singers are well seasoned performers with wonderful soloists, several piano players and a violin virtuso to boot. They make wonderful music which was much appreciated by the large crowd in attendance. Several of their number are also Smuggers. Jeff Cook, the activity director at the Prince Edward Home was very complimentary to Smug as it was the first time ukulele players had performed at the home. Smug did have a Saturday morning practice at Andrews of Stratford about a month ago, and although almost every resident turned out to see and hear the group, they also sang along with every tune they knew, and what was supposed to be a practice really turned into a two hour performance.


  1. The pictures are very good. Look for you on You Tube next!

  2. Congratulations on your first public performance. LOVE those great shirts! Know you are on your way to great fun and personal satisfaction.

    As with my friend Jane, video next?


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